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5 Things I Learnt from US Open 2012

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1. If at first you do not succeed, you’d need to try AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN…

2. Ivan Lendl is one heck of a coach!

3. Berdych can start selling video tutorials on how to beat Roger Federer.

4. The only person that can beat Serena Williams now is Serena Williams.

5. The only thing that blew the competition away were the tornadoes. Most matches (especially the final week ones) were pretty tight, signifying a much more competitive era in tennis now.

5 Reasons Why BPL is the Best League

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With the new European football season unleashed everywhere in recent weeks, many people still wonder (and some may argue) if the Barclay’s Premier League is the best lot of em all?

Personally, I KNOW it is, and here are my top 5 reasons…

1. Every match-up is just as kan-cheong! Where else would you get Southampton giving Manchester City a run for their money, or West Brom trashing Liverpool? Although there are certain number of clubs that are of a higher level in the BPL, there’s no denying that every other team in the BPL are no pushovers either!

2. It is so GLOBAL! Unlike many other European leagues where the majority of the players are domestic, I believe the ratio of British: Foreign players in the BPL is quite close! Being a global arena makes for more exciting styles and plays from all over!

3. Watchable time zone! Being in Malaysia, it is not too challenging to watch all these great BPL action. With the latest latest on every weekend coming in at 1.00am (Msian time), the BPL s one of the more watchable leagues…well, at least for me. 😛 I noticed the strange gametimes of other leagues, like the Bundesliga and La Liga which runs on through the graveyard shift, and even some during dinner times (around 7pm!). Strange…:-p

4. English tabloids! One thing that makes BPL more exciting week in week out are the English tabloids. Yup, the same blokes who are responsible for over-hyping the England team at every World Cup. the juicy transfer news, manager sackings, player scandals, outrageous bets, etc. are just every bit a part of the BPL footballing culture. Love it or hate it, they are here to stay! 😀

5. The greatest football club is playing in it….(drumroll)…MANCHESTER UNITED! 😀

5 Symptoms of Football Fantasy Obsession

1. Becoming exceptionally well-versed in the medical field, especially with injury-related terms like Gilmores Groin, Knock, Achilles Sprain, Hamstring, etc.

2. Obsessed with statistics, number-crunching of footballers, and also other unnecessary info like who takes penalties and corners for their team, etc.

3. Going to bed in a stressful state, with the mind making team value and budget computations, whilst tinkering with formations and selections for the next Gameweek…

4. Googling and researching on В football players, even those from teams you’d NEVER support! All for the sake of getting additional info to help your cause in Fantasyland..

5. Becoming more calculative in the real world, when it comes down to even cents! Blame this on the new feature introduced last year where players’ value now have decimal points…


And if you think you are starting to recover from these symptoms, now is the time to tremble again, because the brand new, hot, spanking season of the BPL is just round the corner! Woo Hoo!

Register your new Fantasy Football team for the new season HERE and prepare to be ill over again!

See ya there! 😀

5 Things I’ll Be Watching at the London Olympics 2012

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With the London Olympics 2012 ongoing, it can be quite daunting to focus on ALL the sports in action, right?

Me? I just can’t wait for this Olympics to end so we can kick off the new football season! Heh.

Anyway, to pass time till then, here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to see during these Olympics..

1. Malaysia’s hunt for it’s first ever elusive GOLD MEDAL. Will Chong Wei recover from his injury and peak in time? Will our inconsistent doubles pair hit form? Will there be a surprise in the velodrome? Malaysia Boleh!

2. Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte. A phenomenal match-up that has been building up since Beijing 2008!! Who will rule the pool in London?

3. Bolt vs Blake. Two of the fastest men on the planet set to blaze the tracks in London like never seen before. ‘Nuff said.

4. USA’s next generation of Dream Team hoopers defending its title against the World. What can stop them? Probably their own arrogance and over-confidence…

5. Olympic Football. Although Argentina won’t be playing, it’s the closest fix I’ll get to taste whilst waiting for the European season to begin! Sigh…Will Spain rule the Olympics too? Will Gabon spring a surprise? Will Team Great Britain be just as laughable as Team England?