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Fantasy Football: Q1 Report Card

Well, 10 Gameweeks (GWs) have passed since Fantasy Football started, so it’s that time again for me to provide a full 1Q report how how I’ve fared so far…

In brief, I got off to a really blistering start on this year’s FF competition. Not only did I score back-to-back 80 points to push me to top 88 globally by GW3, it was probably my career-best position ever! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to consolidate my high position nor push it up over the next couple of weeks. I did hover up and down around the 100 – 400 ranking range globally, but that would be about it.

Then disaster struck in the final GWs of 9-11, where I performed miserably, scoring 41.0pts, 31.5pts and 44.0pts respectively. These sub-par scores sent meВ spiralingВ down the global rankings from 135th to 1,454th!! Totally kicked out of the top 1,000! SIGH.

The entire 1Q of FF simply proves how unpredictable and cruel football management is. Haha. By GW5, I seriously had super high hopes of achieving my personal KPI of Top 500 this year (an improvement from last year’s 789th ranking). Suddenly, three straight bad GWs, and I’m dumped out of the top 1000! 😮

Some notable changes to this year’s format:

1. Volatile player prices – It’s almost impossible to increase one’s budget this year, for whatever reason. The prices keep dropping and increasing so quickly that the overall budget for most managers should hover around the original budget of 150M. I used to be able to reaped and grow my budget by a couple of million by 1Q, but this year, my budget has only increased by $3.2M. Still quite OK when I noticed many managers are already in the red (ie. below 150M) by this period!

2. Additional scoring parameters – Not sure if this has made things more fun or complicated things further, but now we have a whole list of new stuff to look out for, like Shots on Target, Fouls Conceded, Fouls Won, etc. After a few GWs, I have concluded that the PAR-score for GWs should now be 50pts (compared to 40pts previously). These new parameters would ensure that more points can be scored each GW – making it more tense and also easier for people to catch up (or runaway too!)

Although I’m currently on a ‘losing streak’, thanks to my blistering start, I still carry a lead over my friends who are playing with me. Of course, my lead of 100+ points at one point has now dwindled to just about 34 pts by GW11, where Friend Z is patiently whittling away my lead. Gasp!

An exciting 2Q ahead? You bet! 😀

Fantasy Start!

Woo Hoo! Talk about a blistering start to the new Football Fantasy campaign!

Personally, I was slightly В a little majorly pissed when due to some technicalities, scores for GW1 was wiped clean and everyone had to start from GW2. I was particularly angry because all my proper pre-season analysis and planning had gone to waste. And worse, my score of 91.6 pts for GW1 was not counted! Although it is still a few points shy of my career best ofВ 97.8 pts scored in GW36 last season, the score would have been my best ever start to FF. SIGH.

Anyway, that’s not the end of it. Having a RESET of GW2 for everyone meant that everyone who had played to the advantage of FF management had no advantage now. For example:

– After the GW1 debacle, now practically everyone on the planet owned Michu for GW2. Big points, investment and advantage lost. Sigh.

– For some strange reason, many people didn’t notice that GW1 was a double gameweek itself. So, FF managers who packed their GW1 squad with Reading and Chelsea players reaped in the points. No More. Sigh.

Of course, anyone who read my early predictions for the new BPL season may have cashed in on the likes of Michu, Ptric and Jussi too..haha…:-p looks like I wrongly predicted on Hazard though. 😛

Although Citizen Sports tried to redeem themselves by resetting the scores and allowed all FF managers unlimited transfers again to start off GW2, the boo boo had already been committed and it was a pretty catastrophic one. Sigh….

Anyway, life does go on and Fantasy Football management is after all JUST a game…:-p

So, on we go to GW2 as the first Gameweek, where almost everyone on the planet has picked Michu and probably half of those installed him as captain too. ;-P

With the new scoring format where MANY additional parameters are included (fouls won, fouls committed, shots on target, etc.) it is making the points to bulge every GW. Yay! With Tevez, Hazard, Torres and (yes) Michu scoring, I was able to notch up an exceptional 80 points for GW 1. Switching for Ben Arfa and Yaya Toure for GW 2, most of my players performed again as I scored an identical 80 points again for GW 2. With 160 points in the bag, I am now in 88th position OVERALL. Woo Hoo! Never dreamt I would reach these heights before, but it is still a long season ahead so it remains to be seen if I could hang tough in this bracket till the end of the season. 😀

I have already made some amateurish mistakes with my latest player investments. Of course I’m not going to reveal it here. Sheesh…:-p Didn’t expect the market to be so volatile! Sigh. Anyway With a 2 week break coming up, I shall watch in concern with hopes that none of my players get injured…:-P

How well are you doing so far in your FF Management so far? 😀

5 Symptoms of Football Fantasy Obsession

1. Becoming exceptionally well-versed in the medical field, especially with injury-related terms like Gilmores Groin, Knock, Achilles Sprain, Hamstring, etc.

2. Obsessed with statistics, number-crunching of footballers, and also other unnecessary info like who takes penalties and corners for their team, etc.

3. Going to bed in a stressful state, with the mind making team value and budget computations, whilst tinkering with formations and selections for the next Gameweek…

4. Googling and researching on В football players, even those from teams you’d NEVER support! All for the sake of getting additional info to help your cause in Fantasyland..

5. Becoming more calculative in the real world, when it comes down to even cents! Blame this on the new feature introduced last year where players’ value now have decimal points…


And if you think you are starting to recover from these symptoms, now is the time to tremble again, because the brand new, hot, spanking season of the BPL is just round the corner! Woo Hoo!

Register your new Fantasy Football team for the new season HERE and prepare to be ill over again!

See ya there! 😀

Fantasy Football Summary: Champions Again!

Champs Again! Well, at least in the Fantasy Football land, I have something to worth shouting for joy for, where in the just completed miserable season where in reality, Man City snatched the title with TWO stoppage time goals. Now, perhaps I’d truly understand why they call it stoppage time – the human heart can literally STOP functioning during those anxious-filled period..:-p

So enough about reality (we’ll plot the return of our rightful property next season..), I successfully defended the Number 1 position ranked amongst my friends for the second year running. Woo Hoo! This В year, it’s even all the more sweeter since it involved me clawing back from 5-6th position to 1st position. Extra satisfactory grin there. 😀

On a personal level, it is also an improvement from last year’s achievement where I only scored 1,764 points and ranked 1,341 (0.2%) worldwide. This year, my scores not only improved to 1,773 points and ranked at 789 (0.1%) out of the worldwide total of 536,180 players, I managed to achieve my target of finishing inside the 1,000 bracket. Sub 500 target for next season, I reckon? 😛

On other stats, my weekly average score was 46.7 pts/Gameweek with the scoring spread summarised below:

Highest GW: 97.8 pts (GW 36); Lowest: 12.8 pts (GW 5)

Scoring Spread: >60 pts (6 times); 50-60 pts (10); 40-50 pts (9); 30-40 pts (10); <30 pts (3)

Guess that puts my par estimate at 40 pts just about right. :-)

My team value finished at $172.8M, marking my business profits in dealing and trading players quite good with an increase of $22.8M throughout the season. As expected, the value only increased $1.8M from GW 30. So, major tip for increasing team value is to get it done by GW 20..

So, instead of providing more tips (like I already did last year…they are still valid, y’know!), I would like to reflect on the exciting race in FF land and zoom in key GWs that allowed me to defend my No. 1 position:

GW1: Starting off the season well is always GOOD. With Rooney, Young and Klasnic, I managed to kick off with a super 55.3 pts

GW5: Lowest points EVER at 12.8 pts. Two of my defenders were on teams that conceded 4 goals and one other player had a red card! Incredible stuff. Only silver lining: most people suffered like I did in GW5 too!

GW20: First Double GW featuring Spurs and Everton players. Early planning enabled me to notch up 63.5 pts here. At this stage, I had already climbed up to the triple dogfight in the top 3 amongst my friends.

GW24: Whilst one of my friends, Friend A started to drop points in this pivotal Q3 of the season, Friend P was the front runner and making many good picks with his captain choices. In GW24, I was fortunate enough to pick RVP to captain my side, just like Friend P, and we managed to score 36 pts behind his hattrick in Arsenals 7-1 trashing of Blackburn. An important GW where I kept up with the leader.

GW27: Switching to Clint Dempsey bore much fruits when he scored 2 goals and some assists (apparently on his birthday) in a 5-0 trashing of Wolves. End result: 28 pts and closing the gap on the leader.

GW30: The week where I finally took over the lead. Taking a chance with Norwich’s Grant Holt paid off when he scored 2 goals (but got a red too) vs Wolves.

GW 34: In the final stretch of the season, GW 34-36 was always going to be critical where my friends could either catch up or I could break away. Thus, much planning was put into place especially for this stretch. I remembered GW 34 was almost a ‘half’ gameweek, where only about 10 teams were taking part. I was able to field 10 players here compared to 6-7 players for most other teams. End result: 60.4 pts and more daylight between me and the chasing pack.

GW35: This was a double GW for ‘fighting for survival’ teams Bolton and Villa. Revamping my squad to include Lichaj (Villa) and Petrov (Bolton) paid off with 66.5pts

GW36: This was the biggest GW of the season, with double games for many teams. With prior planning, I managed to squeeze in 8 players in my squad who would be playing twice. Unfortunately Gary Cahill (Chelsea) picked up an injury the week before so I ended up with a whopping 7 players playing twice. with RDV (Spurs) as captain, I amassed a career high 97.8 pts! At the end of GW 36, my overall rankings even surged from 1198 to 737!

Final take-away: a little planning will help the points to go a long way!

Can’t wait for the new season to begin! 😀




Fantasy Football: Q3 Report

Wow! BPL has just completed its Gameweek 30, which means we have about 8 more matches before the season concludes! Sure seemed like yesterday that the BPL 2011/12 season just kicked off! 😛

On the reality front, whilst there are quite a number of teams jostling for the 3rd and 4th positions, both Manchester clubs are going virtually neck-to-neck in the title race! After grinding out a 1-0 victory over Fulham, Man Utd is 3 points clear, (still) with inferior goal difference of (-3) but with only 8 matches to go. The key message here is that Man Utd’s final stretch looks significantly easier on paper, with upcoming matches include Blackburn, QPR, Wigan, Villa and Everton before the Manchester derby. Compared to Man City’s schedule of playing Sunderland, Arsenal, West Brom, Norwich and Wolves, things are looking good for Man Utd. Without further distractions from domestic cup competitions as well as the Mickey Mouse Europa League does help too!

Meanwhile, back in Fantasy Football land, I am happy to announce as at the completion of GW 30, I have finally managed to claw my way back to the top amongst my friends! In my Q2 report, I shared that only 10 points separated the top 3, with Friend A on top, followed by Friend P and me in third spot. Over the next couple of weeks, Friend A started to drop points rather drastically, possibly due to the lack of support from his bench. So that left me, week after week, trying to catch Friend P.

As I approached GW30, I gambled on buying Grant Holt (NWC) to score goals against woeful Wolves, and it partially paid off with Holt scoring twice….and sadly collecting a RED card too. Sigh. Thankfully, my other players did enough to secure me 50 points, which was sufficient to overtake Friend P for now. Yay me!

In terms of stats, this is a summary of my Q3 report:

Globally, I have improved my positioning from 3,855 (0.8%) to 2,889 (0.5%). My team value has increased just slightly from $168M to $171M. I doubt it would increase any more within the final stretch of 8 games. Current points collected is 1,324.3, with the chasing pack of Friend P (1,312.6) and Friend A (1,258.7)

Looking forward to an exciting finish to this season’s BPL, both on in reality and on the fantasy front. :-)


Football Fantasy La Liga: Midpoint Report

Whew! How time flies! It seemed like only yesterday that the La Liga players were involved in some strike which threatened a shut down of this season from happening.

Suddenly, we’ve already just completed Gameweek (GW) 20 of Football Fantasy:La Liga Version, which is roughly the midway point of the entire season. So I felt I needed to review and update my performance of my rookie year in FF:La Liga.

It’s of no surprise that not many of my friends have joined FF:La Liga, mainly because it is not so heavily or popularly followed in my country, compared to BPL, that is. Tsk tsk. This year, I noted there are only three (including me) from my football crazy friends who tried out their luck in FF: La Liga.

What is surprising is that after GW20, I am sitting pretty comfortable at the top from my two other friends with 922.3 points. What is even more surprising is that I am in position 1087 overall with a global ranking of 0.6%. Over 20 games, I have only managed to increase my cap by $7.5M to $157.5M.

Wow! I’m honestly pretty pleased with my team’s performance considering my knowledge of La Liga was centered around Ronaldo-Messi-Forlan before this season started. Heck, I even bought Forlan on my team to start the season! (tip: need to follow news too!):-p Probably that would explain why it was so difficult to make good punts on players who will increase in value or even make realistic match predictions to strategically place my players week in week out. Now, I could easily spew out a few more players like Corzola, Michu, Munua, etc. 😀

So, what have I learnt so far after going through 20 games in FF: La Liga?

1. Get Messi and Ronaldo on your team! Unlike BPL, La Liga is essentially a two-horse race from the beginning and arguably the world’s top two players must be on your team. A quick scan on the stats will show both of them accumulating far many points compared to other players. One of my rookie mistakes in FF:La Liga was to buy only one of them to start off the season. I soon realised my folly and worked towards getting both on my team ASAP. Never looked back since. 😛

2. I also realised the yellow and red cards are flashed more often in La Liga compared to BPL. I wonder why? Anyway, what this means is that average or cheap players would be able to contribute just as much points as the more expensive ones…in the long run of course. I still have not found a site to track and monitor all these cards and card suspensions though..

3. Just like BPL, injuries are bound to happen in La Liga as well. Currently I am using this list from Soccerfreakz to help me select players who not injured and also to monitor their injury status. Do let me know if you can find one that tells me their card suspension status, yeah?! ;-P

And that’s the mid-season wrap. Will share more tips at the end of season since the season is still on-going and my friends can still catch up! 😛

Hope I can continue to maintain my form for the remaining games!

Fantasy Football: Q2 Report

Whew! With just a blink of an eye, Gameweek (GW) 20 of Fantasy Football is in the bag, which means I’d need to report on my Q2 progress. Have I shown any improvements since my Q1 report?

At the end of GW 10, I was ranked ranked 3rd amongst my friends, and 17,088th overall, placing me in the 4% global bracket. My team value stood at $162.1M, an increase of $12.1M since GW1.

After GW 20, I’m pleased at my progress which has seen me more or less caught up with my two front -running friends. Heck, I even peaked in 2nd place for two GWs at one time! I am still ranked 3rd amongst my friends, with the three of us quite comfortably far away from the chasing pack. Globally, I have improved my positioning to number 3,855, which is in the 0.8% bracket globally. As expected, my team value has only increased a further $5.9M to $168M. I don’t foresee any more significant increases in my team value over the final two Quarters of the Fantasy Football season.

I did mention in my earlier report that I had to catch up to the top two by GW20 and I’m glad I did! The key stretch in Q2 was surely the chaotic Christmas-New Year period where all teams played like 3-4 games within a two-week timeline. For FF managers, that meant making critical trades during the short windows that was only opened between 1-3 days of each other. There was also one double gameweek for Tottenham and Everton, so that required some pre-planning and stocking up on players from these teams for the important double gameweek of GW20.

With only a mere 10 points separating the three of us, it will definitely be a real dog fight all the way for the remaining 18 GWs. Friend A currently has 896.6 points and Friend P has 891.6 points, whilst I sit a further 5 points back at 886.6. It has been pretty surprising to see Friend A continuing to amass huge points despite having a team worth more than $10M lesser than my team! Just another proof that a FF team can be successful without having to have a bulging team budget!

With the points so close between the three of us, I can only postulate these critical factors in our battle over the final half of the season:

1. Picking the Right Captain for each GW

2. Having the depth of squad as I notice more and more injuries over the past couple of weeks

3. Having a squad that is injury free!

Tips of the Week:

1. Get rid of all your African players as they would be involved in the African Cup of Nations for at least 2-3 weeks…with the exception that your players come fromВ Cameroon, South Africa and Togo because these countries failed to qualify..:-P

2. Buy King Henry at a quick steal price of $10M. Value is bound to soar – only problem is how many games will he actually start for Arsenal?


Fantasy Football: Q1 Report

Alrighty! The BPL has just completed Gameweek 10 last weekend, which works out to about one quarter of the entire season, so I thought it’d do me some good to reflect on my performance so far as footie manager in Fantasy Football land..

I am currently ranked 3rd amongst my football mad friends, and overall in the 4% bracket globally. My team value to-date is $162.1 which is quite an OK ROI of about 12M over 10 matches.

While it looks pretty decent on paper, I have to sadly say it’s only average if I were to compare it to my last year’s performance. I believe it was only around GW 6 or 7 when I took lead of my friend’s standings and never relinquished it. This year is a whole new challenge altogether as I had been chasing from as far as 7th place at one point!

Many GWs have not gone my way and the only silver lining I can see is the steady increase of my team value. It has been quite a strange season indeed with very few clean sheets and any team seems to be able to score against any team! I have to say I am pretty surprised with Newcastle’s performance to date. I had initially held back buying any of their players, waving off their early season form as a fluke. After 10 matches, they have proven me wrong with many gritty performances and their cohesive team spirit. Guess I may have to start buying some of their players (already did!)

From experience, I know that I would need to catch the front-runners by GW20 or GW25 max if I were to have any chance to catch them at all. Reason being by then all the players would have reached their ‘plateau’ of value so it would be considerably harder to make good investments to increase the salary cap. In addition, all teams would have achieved some equilibrium or standard team that would bear resemblance to many other top teams. What I mean here is that by the halfway point of the season, most FF managers would have a large team value and would buy the same top players – thus negating any chances for chasing the leading pack.

So, what do I do NOW to chase the front-runners?

1. Buy different players from teams ahead of me. This one is kinda tough to do since most teams have really good players and would be an easy decision to buy them too, but I have to bear in mind that if I buy the same players as the teams I’m chasing, I will never be able to catch up!

2. Increase team value. I always believe that good investments must be made wherever possible to increase one’s team value. If your team does not perform during a particular GW, it would be more than a consolation if your team value increases for that GW due to your purchases. Higher team value would give me better financial muscle to buy top players to score more points.

Some tips ahead of GW11:

– Buy RVP FAST! His value is sure to soar after his hattrick over the weekend.

– Offload Gerard! Yet another injury forces him out of action for 2 weeks at least.

– I’m quite surprised this season has seen plenty of goals from strikers and not many clean sheets. May be worthwhile to drop defenders and stock up on strikers. Everybody seems to be scoring hattricks these days…



Curse of the Kop

Ever since I started playing Fantasy Football on Facebook, I have noticed a disturbing trend that has always put in an cryptic dilemma: Everytime I select a Liverpool player in FF land, he will sensationally flop; and when I release him, he will shine in real life!В In summary, if I have a few Liverpool players on board in FF, the Liverpool in reality will flop as a team, and when I don’t have any Liverpool players on my FF team, the team will more often than not score wins in reality! Sigh.

So, in reality…while this would be good news for me (Liverpool not performing), it would be bad news for me in FF land…

This ‘curse’ took to a new level last year when I kept Steven Gerard on my team on and off for most parts of the season. During a particular stretch, not only was he not performing (in real life) , he succumb to a groin injury that kept him out for the rest of the season!

This year, I monitored Gerard as his price dropped in early season. He was only at 14.3M when I gleefully bought him, which I felt was a bargain. Furthermore, his return coincided with one of the softest stretches for Liverpool, starting with Norwich City. (See where this blog is going..) Since it was a home game, I installed Gerard as captain too!

Alas! The curse struck again when Liverpool could only manage a 1-1 draw with the Canaries. Gerard didn’t even score nor get a clean sheet! looks like I’m gonna have to revisit this dilemma all over again!

Do I keep Gerard so that Liverpool continue to drop points (for real!)? Or drop him completely so that my FF team would stand a better chance? Hmmmm…For now, I would simply just keep him only if to increase the value of my team. His price has rocketed beyond 15M already! 😀

Elsewhere, I am still dizzy reeling from the nightmare in Old Trafford last Sunday night. As a result, I have decided to ‘punish’ the poor display from my Man Utd boys by making a FF team for this coming weekend with ZERO Man Utd players. It would be a first in my career as FF Manager.

Not sure if I did the right thing, or did I not think straight when I made the trades, but I sincerely hope the ‘rest’ will do them good. I will probably buy them back after this weekend’s away clash at Goodison Park.

Here’s my tentative starting 11 for GameWeek 10 this weekend:

A Return to Normalcy

After a horrific GW5 in Fantasy Football land, I was glad that my team managed to inject some normalcy to my points in GW6.

Ben Foster was particularly superb in making a couple of saves and keeping a clean sheet to give me 7.3 pts whilst my trio of defenders combined to give me 13 points. Another good outing for Metersacker. Good buy with a value that is also increasing quite rapidly.

I was rather disappointed that DeFoe was dropped in preference of Van De Vaart despite his excellent past record vs Wigan. And Rooney was mysteriously sidelined with a hamstring. Sigh. Overall, it was a par performance by my standard, with 40pts being par.

Although I currently lie in 4th amongst my friends, I take pride in knowing my good investments have ensured my budget is doing pretty OK, which is really important in the later stages of the season. Only Shane Long’s value seems to be dipping a little after running a few matches without scoring. Hmmm.

My tips of for GW7:

1. Sell off Rooney….QUICK! His injury which sees him being laid off for a month will cause his value to drop big time. It’s already dropped about 0.5M as I write this! You can buy him again in the 3rd week of October…cheap.:-)

2. Get on the Spurs bandwagon! After their GW7 vs Arsenal, they have a pretty easy schedule ahead! Good time to stock up on the HOT Spurs and get some easy points.

3. For those looking for strikers, Welbeck may be a good bet right now. With Rooney and Hernandez out, young Danny seems to be the choice striker for SAF. He’s even on form, scoring twice in yesterday morning’s 3-3 draw with Basel. And best of all, he comes cheap too, at a sub 9M price..

4. Looking for midfielders? Ramires (Chelsea) looks pretty hot right now. And with only a sub 10M price tag, may be a good buy for the next few games.

5. Looking to drop players? Why not Suarez? Sure, he can score goals and probably is the best player in the Liverpool XI, but would you want a player who eventually averages close to a 1:1 goals to card ratio?