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5 Things I’ll Be Watching at the London Olympics 2012

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With the London Olympics 2012 ongoing, it can be quite daunting to focus on ALL the sports in action, right?

Me? I just can’t wait for this Olympics to end so we can kick off the new football season! Heh.

Anyway, to pass time till then, here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to see during these Olympics..

1. Malaysia’s hunt for it’s first ever elusive GOLD MEDAL. Will Chong Wei recover from his injury and peak in time? Will our inconsistent doubles pair hit form? Will there be a surprise in the velodrome? Malaysia Boleh!

2. Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte. A phenomenal match-up that has been building up since Beijing 2008!! Who will rule the pool in London?

3. Bolt vs Blake. Two of the fastest men on the planet set to blaze the tracks in London like never seen before. ‘Nuff said.

4. USA’s next generation of Dream Team hoopers defending its title against the World. What can stop them? Probably their own arrogance and over-confidence…

5. Olympic Football. Although Argentina won’t be playing, it’s the closest fix I’ll get to taste whilst waiting for the European season to begin! Sigh…Will Spain rule the Olympics too? Will Gabon spring a surprise? Will Team Great Britain be just as laughable as Team England?