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A Lesson in Colour Blindness


At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do. (Luke 10:21)

I believe that all adults, regardless if they are parents, grandparents, doctors, lawyers, engineers, captain of a nuclear aircraft carrier or even the president of a country…can ALWAYS learn from little children. :-)

Last night, after picking up the kids from the babysitter’s house, I proceeded to look for a place to buy dinner home. The following conversation took place inside the carВ between my five year old boy and I…

Collin: Papa…are we going to tar-pau dinner tonight?

Me: Yes, we are going to Restaurant XXX to buy dinner.

Collin: Which one is Restaurant XXX?

Me: There…the Chinese restaurant…В

Collin: Papa…what is a Chinese restaurant?..

Me: Err….well you know,В where we sometimes buy Caitlynn’s char siew pau and your lin-yoong pau? (approaches Restaurant XXX which happened to be closed that night) aiya….looks like Restaurant XXX is closed.

Collin: Then how wor?

Me: I think we may have to go and buy dinner at the Indi– erm…at the Roti Canai restaurant then..

Collin: Yayyy! Can we have roti canai then?

Me: Of course!

Collin & Caitlynn: Yayyyy! :-)

Sometimes we forget that our children grow up with ‘colour-blindness’ up to a certain age, at least. They do not understand nor comprehend the differences of Malay, Chinese, Indian or other races. To them, they couldn’t care less to even differentiate what type of restaurants we eat in or the what food from which race is being served. Through their eyes, everyone is the same…one colour, one race.

Sadly, it is not easy to remember that WE were ALL like that once too…:-p

Somewhere along the way, our vision gets tainted more and more with the things we read, people we interact with, things we see, personal experiences, etc. until our early childhood’s colour-blindness no longer exists.

It got worse when all these racism slurs gets trending in our country, especially right after the recently concluded General Elections. Some unintelligible mainstream media putting up racial remarks on their headlines, politicians spicing up their election victory speeches with racial connotations, etc. For a country that is projecting itself as moving forward towards becoming a developed nation, these recent incidents is definitely MORE than just a minor roadblock! In fact, it can be argued that we are actually moving BACKWARDS instead! Sadly, it became a WHOLE LOT worse when our country’s leaders seemingly do not oppose or stand up to prevent these remarks from possibly exploding into something unimaginable..

Jadi, apa lagi Cina ini mahu?

For ALL Malaysians to rediscover their childhood colour-blindness…

For ALL Malaysians to look at each other beyond skin colour and races…

For ALL Malaysians to reject all forms of racist remarks and actions…

For ALL Malaysians to build together a country free of racism for our next generation…

For ALL Malaysians to reject racial politics…

For ALL Malaysians to have access to non-politically biased media and press…

For ALL Malaysians to eat in Malaysian restaurants eating Malaysian foods..:-P


Rediscover your color-blindness….


10 Things to do for GE14

Sigh. After seeing all the varied types of business that have flourished during all the months of election campaignings, these is a list of my Top 10 things I need to do when GE14 comes along…

1. Start an advertising agency

2. Start a banner/poster/bunting printing company

3. Start a company offering SMS blasting services

4. Start planting bamboo..

5. Start a catering business

6. Start writing (and selling) songs..

7. Start T-Shirt designing company

8. Start motorcycle workshop

9. Start umbrella business

10. Start travel agency to manage flights and logistics.

Yup. However, since it is obviously too LATE to do all that NOW, all I can only do for GE13 is to…


General Election Tip: Know Your X

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The letter X can be a pretty complex and confusing letter, especially during the elections…

If all of you have been brought up and educated in the proper manner, you would recognise the letter X to represent..

– NO!

– Negative!

– Dislike!

– Dowan!

– Die!

– Out!

HOWEVER….in the case of elections, the letter X represents the exact opposite! A mark of X on your ballot paper means a VOTE of YES for the party next to it! Yes, I kid you not!

So if В you are a first time voter, please mentally prepare a mini mind-shift and know that an X actually stands for a YES. :-)

And if you are a long-time, experienced voter…after reading this it suddenly dawned on you that you have been voting WRONGLY all this while, well…so now you know what to do! :-)

In short, in elections, mark an X for the party you WANT TO VOTE for!

General Election Tip: Know your MP!

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With the next General Elections coming up just round the corner, I think I can categorise all the registered voters to these few categories:

Type A: Die-die also must vote for BN

Type B: Die-die also must vote for Opposition

Type C: Vote BN for Parliament seat and Opposition for State seat (old-school thinking)

Type D: Dunno yet…

Type E: Make sure vote is spoilt…:-p

However, whatever Type you fall into, today’s blog is specially dedicated to ALL of you!В First, let me ask you this question…

“How well do you know your MP?”

If your MP is not one of the ‘big guns’ in their respective parties, you may hardly see your MP appearing in the news or media. Sadly, this holds more true if your MP is from the Opposition camp since their community space is already limited by mainstream media. Heck, it may even lead to assumptions that your MP is practically doing nothing! This really pisses off many people who often complain that they only get to see their MP once every 4-5 years when they do their pre-election ’rounds’ of hand-shaking and greeting the people in that area…:-p

Anyway, in this day and age where technology and social media is so advanced, it is fairly easy to literally follow the progress and performance of your MP, giving you essential knowledge and information if the MP is good enough to secure your vote for another term or not!

So, if your answer to my first question above is a little vague, my advise to you would be to quickly Google up your MP, follow them on Twitter, be their friend on Facebook, subscribe to their website RSS, etc. and you should either be amazed, shocked and possiblyВ appalled(!) at the existing work your MP has done for the community in your area.

A good example would be the MP in my area, YB Teo Nie Ching. If it weren’t for today’s accessibility to social media, I wouldn’t be able to follow and monitor her numerous efforts, support and presence in many of my area’s community events, gatherings, etc. Heck, I wouldn’t have known she was pregnant and became a mother not too long ago too! It was quite astonishing really to see many of these efforts not highlighted in mainstream media, which lends an ear to whether it can actually be quite useful to have personalised or customised newsletters by all MPs? Hmmmmm…

After you have done your homework and research on your existing MP, then you can ask yourself this question…

Are you ready to vote already? 😀