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UConn Health is a leading academic medical centre located in Farmington, Connecticut. It is a subsidiary of the University of Connecticut and is dedicated to advancing health and wellness in the state and beyond. UConn Health is committed to providing high-quality patient care, innovative research, and comprehensive education for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The History of UConn Health

UConn Health has a rich history dating back to 1928 when the Connecticut State Legislature established the School of Medicine in response to the need for more physicians. The John Dempsey Hospital, the flagship hospital of UConn Health, opened its doors in 1975 and has since become a premier healthcare facility in Connecticut. Get More Info

Patient Care at UConn Health

UConn Health is home to a network of primary care and specialty care providers who offer a wide range of services to patients in Connecticut and beyond. The medical center has the latest technology and facilities, including a Level 1 trauma center, a comprehensive cancer center, and a state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit.

Research at UConn Health

UConn Health is a hub of innovative research that seeks to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes. The medical center is home to several research institutes, including the Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, and the New England Musculoskeletal Institute.

Education at UConn Health

UConn is committed to providing a comprehensive education for the next generation of healthcare professionals. The medical center offers degree programs in medicine, dental medicine, nursing, and biomedical science, as well as numerous residency and fellowship programs.

UConn Health and the Community

UConn is deeply rooted in the Connecticut community and committed to improving its residents’ health and well-being. The medical center partners with community organizations to provide health education and outreach programs, as well as to address health disparities and improve access to care.

uconn health

UConn Health and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UConn was vital in caring for patients, conducting research, and educating healthcare professionals. The medical center provided COVID-19 testing and treatment, developed innovative treatments and therapies, and conducted research better to understand the virus and its impact on public health.

The John Dempsey Hospital

The John Dempsey Hospital is the flagship hospital of UConn and has been providing high-quality patient care for over 40 years. The hospital offers various services, including emergency care, cardiac care, neurology, and women’s health. The hospital has state-of-the-art technology and facilities, including a hybrid operating room, a comprehensive stroke center, and a robotic surgery program.

Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

The UConn is an interdisciplinary research center at UConn, seeking to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes through translational research. CICATS brings together researchers, clinicians, and community partners to develop and implement innovative research projects, programs, and services that address critical health challenges.

New England Musculoskeletal Institute

The New England Musculoskeletal Institute (NEMSI) at UConn is a world-renowned center for treating and researching musculoskeletal conditions. NEMSI brings together a team of experts in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, sports medicine, and rehabilitation to provide comprehensive care for patients with various musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, joint replacement, and sports injuries. NEMSI is also dedicated to advancing musculoskeletal research through cutting-edge research projects and clinical trials. great post to read about OTC Health Solutions.


What is UConn Medical School ranked?

UConn Medical School is ranked #47 in research and #75 in Primary Care by U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 Best Graduate School Rankings.

What is UConn medical school known for?

UConn Medical School is known for its commitment to providing high-quality medical education, conducting innovative research, and delivering exceptional patient care.

What is the average GPA and MCAT for UConn medical school?

The average GPA for students accepted into UConn Medical School is 3.71, and the average MCAT score is 511.

What is UConn best known for?

The University of Connecticut is best known for its commitment to academic excellence, research, innovation, and vital athletic programs.


Area of SpecialtyUConn Health
Primary CareYes
Specialty CareYes
Level 1 Trauma CenterYes
Comprehensive Cancer CenterYes
Neonatal Intensive Care UnitYes
Research InstitutesYes
Medical Education ProgramsYes

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